Polymeric Materials Team

Scientific Interests

• Polymeric nanocomposites
• Nanoparticles of noble metals
• Reactive polymeric materials
• Recovery of precious metals
• Microwave-enhanced synthesis of polymers 

List of most important publications

P. Cyganowski, A. Lesniewicz, A. Dzimitrowicz, J. Wolska, P. Pohl, D. Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, Molecular reactors for synthesis of polymeric nanocomposites with noble metal nanoparticles for catalytic decomposition of 4-nitrophenol, J. Colloid. Interf. Sci. 541, 226-233, 2019

P. Cyganowski, A. Cierlik, A. Lesniewicz, P. Pohl, D. Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, Separation of Re(VII) from Mo(VI) by anion exchange resisns synthesized using microwave heat, Hydrometallurgy 185, 12-22, 2019

P. Cyganowski, D. Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, Experimental review of microwave-assisted methods for synthesis of functional resins for sorption of rhenium(VII), Solvent Extr. Ion Exch. 36, 420-436, 2018

A. Dzimitrowicz, P. Cyganowski, P. Pohl, D. Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, P. Jamroz, Atmospheric pressure plasma-mediated synthesis of platinum nanoparticles stabilized by poly(vinylpyrrolidone) with application in heat management systems for internal combustion chambers, Nanomaterials 619, 1-15, 2018

P. Cyganowski, A. Dzimitrowicz, P. Jamróz, D. Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, P. Pohl, Polymerization-driven immobilization of dc-APGD synthesized gold nanoparticles into a quaternary ammonium-based hydrogel resulting in a polymeric nanocomposite with application for heat transfer, Polymers 10, 377, 2018

P. Cyganowski, A. Leśniewicz, I. Polowczyk, J. Chęcmanowski, P. Pohl, D. Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, Surface-activated anion exchange resins for synthesis and immobilization of gold and palladium nano- and microstructures, React. Funct. Polym. 124, 90-103, 2018

P. Cyganowski, K. Garbera, A. Leśniewicz, J. Wolska, P. Pohl, D. Jermakowicz-Bartkowiak, The recovery of gold from the aqua regia leachate of electronic parts using a core–shell type anion exchange resin Recovery of gold from the aqua regia leachate of electronic parts, J. Saudi. Chem. Soc. 21, 741-750

I. Polowczyk, P. Cyganowski, B.F. Urbano, B.L. Rivas, M. Bryjak, N. Kabay, Amberlite IRA-400 and IRA-743 chelating resins for the sorption and recovery of molybdenum(VI) and vanadium(V): Equilibrium and kinetic studies, Hydrometallurgy 169, 496-507, 2017

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