Polymeric Materials Team

List of most important publications

MW. Kujawski, Ż. Bargańska, E. Miedzianowska, K. Marciniak, JK. Kujawski, M. Ślebioda, J. Namieśnik, Determining pesticide contaminations in honey by LC-ESI-MS/MS - Comparison of pesticide recoveries of two liquid-liquid extraction approaches. - LWT - Food Science and Technology, Vol. 56, Issue 2, May 2014, Pages 517-523.

J. Kujawski, A. Rozicka, M. Bryjak, W. Kujawski; Pervaporative removal of acetone, butanol and ethanol from binary and multicomponent aqueous mixtures - Separation and Purification Technology, 132, 2014, Pages 422-429.

I. Gancarz, M. Bryjak, J. Kujawski, J. Wolska, J. Kujawa, W. Kujawski; Plasma deposited fluorinated films on porous membranes. - Materials Chemistry and Physics, 151, 2015, Pages 233 - 242.

A. Kujawska, J. Kujawski, M. Bryjak, W. Kujawski; Removal of volatile organic compounds from aqueous solutions applying thermally driven membrane processes. 1. Thermopervaporation - Chemical Engineering and Processing,
DOI: 10.1016/j.cep.2015.02.010

A. Kujawska, J. Kujawski, M. Bryjak, W. Kujawski; ABE fermentation products recovery methods - a review. - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2015

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Scientific Interests

• Membrane surface modifications
• Mix matrix membranes
• Pervaporation and membrane distillation processes
• Plasma modifications
• Ceramic hydrophobic membranes
• Trybology