Polymeric Materials Team

Scientific Interests

• Functional polymeric materials
• Surface modification
• Plasma activated modifications
• Membrane separation
• New membrane materials and processess
• Removing harmful substances from water and desalintion of water

List of most important publications

M. Marino, L. Misuri, M.L. Jiménez, S. Ahualli, O. Kozynchenko , S. Tennison,   M. Bryjak , D. Brogioli, Modification of the surface of activated carbon electrodes for capacitive mixing energy extraction from salinity differences, 2014 J. Colloid Interface Sci., 146-153

Porada, S., Weingarth, D., Hamelers, H.V.M., Bryjak, M., Presser, V., Biesheuvel, P.M., Carbon flow electrodes for continuous operation of capacitive deionization and capacitive mixing energy generation, 2014, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2 , 9313-9321

Gancarz, I., Duraj, I., Bryjak, M., Bipolar nanofiltration membranes based on plasma modified microfilters, 2014, J. Appl. Polym. Sci 131, 39790

Porada, S., Borchardt, L., Oschatz, M., Bryjak, M., Atchison, J.S., Keesman, K.J., Kaskel, S., Biesheuvel, P.M., Presser, V., Direct prediction of the desalination performance of porous carbon electrodes for capacitive deionization, 2013, Energy  Environ. Sci. 6, 3700 -3712

Smolinska, K., Bryjak, M., Stimuli response polypropylene membranes as selective separators for alkaline ions, 2012, Desalination, 300, 64-69

Porada, S., Bryjak, M., Van Der Wal, A., Biesheuvel, P.M., Effect of electrode thickness variation on operation of capacitive deionization, 2012, Electroch. Acta, 75, 148-156

Porada, S., Weinstein, L., Dash, R., Van Der Wal, A., Bryjak, M., Gogotsi, Y., Biesheuvel, P.M., Water desalination using capacitive deionization with microporous carbon electrodes, 2012, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 4, 3, 1194-1199

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